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  • WhyUAE UAE was a shining star in the Middle East, it was a place where everyone wanted to be, where the local economy was massively affluent and the way of life subsequently lavish and amazing. It’s one of the world's fastest growing tourist destinations, has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday, sun, sand, sea, sports, unbeatable shopping, top-class hotels and restaurants, an intriguing traditional culture, safe and welcoming environment, and most of all enormous job opportunities. Because of the good employment opportunities there are many people in different countries seeking employment in the UAE.

    Here we highlight some of the most popular reasons why some elect to move to continue their career in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or one of the other Emirates of the UAE.


    The major attraction for people who have an employment in UAE is that there are no personal taxes levied against salaries. Therefore, in that respect you get your salary 100% free of tax. This results in more disposable income per capita.


    emp-oppurtunity For people moving with families, rental accommodation is easy to find. Residential areas are secured with very little crime. There are some excellent schools available for children in the education stage. While getting admission can be difficult, it is not impossible. UAE has a very high educational standard.


    It also varies from industry to industry, just like in any other country, and is determined mostly by the nature of work. High-ranking jobs will naturally have much higher salaries and better benefits. There are also concerns about holiday entitlement, employee rights, overtime pay, sick leave and maternity leave. All these issues are well documented and followed strictly, well established regulations. What this means is that the employee's rights are well protected and there is no ill treatment.


    emp-oppurtunity Many industries in the Middle East and specifically in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offer a good chance of gaining employment because of rapidly growing business. Some of these industries are telecommunication, information technology, construction, engineering, oil and gas, media, medicine and many more. Massive job opportunities await people seeking for employment.


    emp-oppurtunity A total of 202 different nationalities exist in the labor market of UAE. What is interesting to note with UAE culture is that despite the multicultural society, everyone seems to coexist without much conflict. You will find people all over the world, especially today given the economic expansion that calls for more foreign employees.


    emp-oppurtunity The climate of the UAE is hot and humid in the summer (May through October) with temperatures ranging between 40-50 C (104-113 F) and humidity in excess of 90 percent. The country comes alive in the winter months (November through April) as the days are warm and pleasant with midday temperatures at about 20-35 C (68-77 F). Winter evenings are comfortable and cool. The climate varies between the inland and coastal regions.


    emp-oppurtunity As in other parts of the parts of the world fashion and lifestyle in UAE has also changed with changing times as it is largely dependent on the material conditions. Lifestyle in UAE also includes rocking nightlife. Nightlife of Dubai is simply amazing! It features cocktail bars, wine bars, themed bars etc. If you are looking for more excitement then you may go for Irish or British themed pubs. Food in UAE is one of the major highlights in any itinerary to UAE. The fashion industry in UAE is especially developing in some parts of UAE and especially in Dubai all the latest fashionable brands are available to cater to the needs of the growing tourism industry.


    emp-oppurtunity The Roads & Transportation Authority (RTA) is responsible for all public transportation in UAE. The RTA operates buses, trains, taxis, water taxis and Inter-Emirate buses. In general, public transportation is safe to use, convenient and reliable. Only cash may be used in a taxi, abra or Inter-Emirate bus. All other public transport requires passengers to use a Nol card for Metro rail system which was launched in September 2009. There are several underground stations, but the Metro mostly runs above ground. All trains are fully automated and have air conditioning.

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